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warzone, forbidden

After the arrival of Forbidden Gaming, the company has established itself as a home for rising Warzone talent. In 2022, Forbidden recruited several aspiring Amateurs to it's ranks including Callam (PlnkTurtle), Sarah (Dreaded Waifu), Angel (GTI Angel) who helped catapult our roster in the 2v2 tournament scene winning several Amateur tournaments on their way.

However, Forbidden Gaming wasn't done here, instead we observed the scene further, picking up further talent in Lee (EU Ghost) & North American talent - Jackal (Alan), before making one of our most ambitious recruitments to date with the signing of rising talent Owen (Echo) and his duo Tommy (Tomsterbom) who quickly hit the ground running. After joining, Owen & Tom were competing in several customs tournaments with eFuse which led to some great placements and achievements as part of our line-up. But with World Series of Warzone fast approaching, we sat down with them to discuss a plan for the WSOW which later led to Forbidden acquiring Connor (BubbleCT) also in to the line-up.

But our ambitions were not done there, following the Stage 1: In Game Open, Forbidden Gaming extended its roster once again with the introduction of Charlie (Skinner), Mllsy and SmithySLAYS who were identified by our Warzone leads as upcoming talent not just in the WSOW, but also in the day to day tournament scene. Forbidden Gaming is now poised to help these players learn the eSports industry, grow their socials and content and show why recruiting these players was the right decision. With the new journey ahead, we are excited by the potential these players have been showing not just as competitors, but their commitment to their own growth.


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